do you ever look back at your relationship with someone on the internet and just think oh my god i’m so fucking glad i clicked follow they make my life so much better

send me _______ or _______ and i'll make a photoset on which one i prefer :)


Anonymous asked you: perrie or camila

Anonymous whispered: who do you fangirl over when they reblog you?

when karla reblogs me on heyarigrande i get so excited bc thats like you know you made it but other than that i get excited when adorejauregui and stybellos reblog my edits on normanis and i get excited when serfborts reblogs anything i post bc she’s perf

Anonymous whispered: same i always fangirl when you reblog me too


Anonymous whispered: do you ever fangirl when people reblog you because I fangirl when you reblog me

omg ya all the time lol who is this ill reblog you forever ily